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Topic: WAEC GCE Literature In English OBJ & Prose Questions and Answers

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On September 16, 2018, at: 9:24 pm
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Literature obj


Answer Only Two Questions ( 4 & 7 Preferably )

In Kufi, the people believed that there were good and bad deaths. Yaremi consoled herself with the notion that Ajumobi died a good death. It was also believed that the dead people watch over the living. This explains Yaremi’s many monologues addressed to her late husband, Ajumobi. In Other word’s The atitude of the people were pointing at the wives were accused of killing their husbands because of the belief that someone had to be responsible for every death . They also suspected feathered creatures like birds as they were usually linked to witchcraft.


Bessie’s murder is no more planned than Mary’s was; again, Bigger murders simply because he can see no other choice available to him. In Bessie’s case, Bigger is on the run from the police, and Bessie has become a nuisance. As he waits with her in an abandoned building, he considers his options: If he leaves her behind, she’ll almost certainly tell the truth when she is found and questioned. On the other hand, he cannot take her with him, because she’s highly emotional and will slow him down. Faced with these two choices, Bigger chooses a tragic third option: he first rapes Bessie, and then kills her and throws her body down a shaft.

Ajumobi was a brave and powerful hunter who enjoyed boasting of his prowess as a successful hunter.he’s a caring and loving husband,
In his lifetime, he was firm and had absolute control of his household.
Ajumobi was a happy and lively man.
Like most men in Kufi, he liked drinking palmwine in the company of friends. He was quite ambitious. Prior to his death, he planned to renovate his house and even take a second wife. Yaremi loved her husband greatly and in spite of their many squabbles in his lifetime, she missed his affection and companionship.

Theodore emerges as a main character after Manfred orders him to be imprisoned within the helmet for his insolence and he escapes, only to help Isabella escape from the castle through a trapdoor. He is revealed later in the novel to be the lost son of Friar Jerome. Theodore proceeds to protect Isabella from the wanton lust of Manfred. He captures the hearts of both Isabella and Matilda, but settles for Isabella after Matilda’s death. In other words He hides her in a cave and blocks it to protect her from Manfred and ends up fighting one of the mysterious knights. Theodore badly wounds the knight, who turns out to be Isabella’s father, Frederic. With that, they all go up to the castle to work things out. Frederic falls in love with Matilda and he and Manfred begin to make a deal about marrying each other’s daughters. Manfred, suspecting that Isabella is meeting Theodore in a tryst in the church, takes a knife into the church, where Matilda is meeting Theodore. Thinking his own daughter is Isabella, he stabs her. Theodore is then revealed to be the true prince of Otranto and Matilda dies, leaving Manfred to repent. Theodore becomes king and eventually marries Isabella because she is the only one who can understand his true sorrow.

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